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Please read this page carefully. These terms and conditions constitute the legal documentation to ensure that a legally binding contract is in place between Australian Clearing Pty Ltd and you. Australian Clearing Pty Ltd and it's properties will herein also be referred to as "Australian Clearing","SearchFor.cc", "SearchFor.cc", "site", "Company".

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Australian Clearing Pty Ltd (together with any affiliates, the “Company”) owns and operates a number of different websites, mobile apps, and interactive services, including without limitation SearchFor.cc, DailyGreatest.com, TheTimeCave.com, and others (collectively, the “Australian Clearing Sites”). These Terms of Use (“Terms”) apply to the Australian Clearing Sites and to all of the features, mobile applications, emails, online services and other functionalities (collectively, the “Features”) available via or related to the Australian Clearing Sites, whether accessed via a computer, mobile device, or otherwise (collectively, the “Australian Clearing Sites and Features”).

These Terms are a legal agreement between you and the Company. By using any of the Australian Clearing Sites and Features or our Services, and/or clicking to “Accept” or otherwise agreeing to these Terms where that option is made available to you, you agree to be bound by these Terms as well as ourĀ Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these Terms or our Privacy Policy, please do not register with or use any Australian Clearing Sites or Features or our Services.

We may post additional terms, official rules, or agreements that apply to certain services, applications, activities, and features we offer or provide at or through certain Australian Clearing Sites and Features (“Additional Terms”), and you may be subject to such Additional Terms when you access those services, applications, activities and/or features. In the event of any conflict between the terms of the Additional Terms (on the one hand) and these Terms (on the other hand), these Terms shall prevail unless expressly otherwise stated in the Additional Terms, which are intended to supplement, but not replace, these Terms.

This website and it's contract is owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, a limited liability company of Australia with Australian Business Number 26 625 700 156 with an operating address of 235 Main Street, Osborne Park WA 6017 Australia.

You supply the services as referred to on SearchFor.cc ('our site') to us. You must understand that when joining our site and by using any of our services, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

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